las vegas investment propertyGOLIATH and it’s managing member/owner Scott E. Yancey headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada is a principal in various Real Estate related companies and partnerships.

GOLIATH and its various partnerships, purchase foreclosed on or non-performing INCOME PROPERTIES and NOTES from banks. The properties in the portfolio are then rehabbed, sold, or held, managed and rented. We provide a straightforward means of enabling real estate investors to achieve outstanding yet relatively stable returns on their investments without investing a great deal of time to become real estate “experts” or spend excessive time performing due diligence.

GOLIATH Investors or Buyers can expect that properties purchased from or with GOLIATH meet all of GOLIATH’S standards. Our properties are carefully selected, screened, renovated and personally inspected by our staff to provide quality for the tenants, to maximize rents, minimize vacancy, and minimize deferred maintenance expense.